Disciplina Curricular

Gestão de Florestas Mediterrânicas: Problemas de Investigação e Casos de Estudo GFM-PICE

Mestrado Bolonha em Gestão da Floresta e dos Recursos Naturais no Mediterrâneo - MEDFOR 2012-2013


Grupo: MEDFOR 2012-2013 > 2º Ciclo > Parte Escolar > Áreas de Especialização > Gestão de Florestas Mediterrânicas: sistemas de apoio à decisão multi-critério



6.0 (para cálculo da média)


To be exposed and explore specific methods and tools that are of interest to the individual student. To develop a more in-depth understanding of modeling tools from operations research that can be applied to the student’s area of interest or expertise. To better understand how information from the student’s area of expertise can be utilized in decision-making analyses for forest management. To acquire competences for conducting and communicating research in this field.


1. Mediterranean forest management planning research problems and strategies 2. Research methods and problem analysis in Mediterranean forest resources management planning 3. Interpretation of results. Research reporting. 4. Writing a paper in this field.

Métodos de ensino e avaliação

The evaluation will be based on the presentation and discussion of a paper.
The final grade will be determined as follows:
- Project preliminary presentation: 20%
- Project final presentation: 20%
- Paper: 60%
The evaluation schedule is as follows:
- The paper/project proposal should be submitted by October 10. It should be completed at the date of its presentation in class.
The evaluation schedule is as follows:
- Project preliminary presentation: 4/11
- Project final presentation: 18/12
- Paper: 18/12

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