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Teresa Matos Nolasco Crespo (Teresa J. S. Matos) is an Assistant Professor at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Faculty of Agronomics, at the University of Lisbon where she lectures graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of Meat Science and Technology, Human Nutrition, Industrial Design and Project and Animal Physiology. Her primary research interests are: i) characterization of traditional meat products, ii) optimization and improvement of meat processing; iii) meat products preservation and, iv) innovation & development of new healthier meat products. Much of her research has been conducted in close association with the industry. She holds a PhD in Animal Science and Technology (Veterinary Sciences) from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Lisbon, Portugal.


Email: matosteresa@isa.ulisboa.pt



Courses (Disciplinas que lecciona): Animal Products Technology (Tecnologia dos Produtos Animais); Animal Physiology (Fisiologia Animal); Nutrition and Food Toxicology (Nutrição e Toxicologia alimentar); Industrial Project (Projecto Industrial); Food Technology (Tecnologia Alimentar); Raw Materials (Matérias Primas); Communication in Science (Comunicação em Ciência); Estágio em Engenharia Alimentar (Trainee in Food Enginnering)