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After completing the Licentiate Degree in Agronomic Engineering, 1985, I taught [1985-1990] in elementary and secondary school in the subjects of Biology, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Horticulture and Animal Breeding.

In 1989 I completed the Tropical Agronomic Engineering graduation and in 1994 the Master on Integrated Pest Management. In September 1990 I joined the Instituto de Investigação Científica Tropical (IICT) http://www2.iict.pt/ , as research fellow (two years). In November 1992 I started as research trainee in the Centro de Estudos de Fitossanidade do Armazenamento (CEFA)-IICT. After the Master's degree in 1994 I became the Research Assistant of the IICT and in 2003, after the PhD in Agronomic Engineering, I became a Research Assistant of the IICT.

In 2006 I won FLAD and OECD Scholarships to stay two months at Oklahoma State University and Kansas State University (2006).

In 2008 I became in charge of the Unidade da Protecção Integrada dos Produtos Armazenados (PIPA) (one year) and after, coordinator of Centre PIPA (two years) http://www2.iict.pt/index.php?idc=132&idl=2   and Head of Espaço Mendes Ferrão (two years) (3rd Floor of the Ferreira Lapa Building, ISA, UL). I belonged for two years to the Coordinating Committee of the IICT Scientific Council and two years to the Joint Commission of the IICT.

Since 2004 I have been on board of the NGOD Centro de Estudos Tropicais para o Desenvolvimento (CENTROP), http://www.centrop.org/  headquartered at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon (ISA).

On 30 July 2015, IICT extinguishes and on 1 August 2015 I move to the ISA staff, where I have always been involved since the creation of the CEER Research Center, nowadays LEAF https://www.isa.ulisboa.pt/en/leaf/research-groups/group-iv  and where I perform research and teaching activities on an exclusive basis.