Risk assessment, monitoring and control of Invasive Alien Species. Urban weeds - management options; Sintra municipality case study.

14 Novembro 2019, 08:00 Francisca Constança Frutuoso de Aguiar

Management of invasive plant species in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Prevention, control and eradication. Early detection and rapid intervention. Methods and tools for risk assessing and monitoring of invasions: citizen science, stakeholders’ assessments, field and remote sensing approaches. Use of EICAT framework (Environmental Impact Classification of Alien Taxa) - practice on real examnples. The top global issues for invasive alien species management in the future. Practical examples of management of plant invasions in Portugal (Arundo donaxHakea spp., Acacia spp., Eichhornia crassipes). Discussion. Urban weeds - management options in relation to the use of herbicides: thermal weed control; mechanical control; herbicides of natural origin. Discussion.