Due to the exceptional situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the evaluation rules had to be adapted to the present conditions.

This semester, students’ evaluation and final mark will be based on

  • one first assignment (see the Fenix WEB page Assignments under GIS – Detailed Information);

  • one final assignment (see the Fenix WEB page Assignments under GIS – Detailed Information);

  • and one oral exam with questions made by the teacher concerning any topics studied during the GIS course (just as presential exams usually are).

Students may prepare for this oral exam by studying the documentation available on the Fenix WEB pages under GIS – Detailed Information and by studying the referenced documentation included in some of the aforementioned documents. Students are not allowed to consult documents during the assignment discussion and the oral exam.

It is recommended that the (individual) final assignment discussion date coincides with the oral exam (the more theoretical concepts are fundamental to understand the practical problems and the GIS technology). The decision about this date will take each student convenience and availability into consideration but must occur before the official semester end date.

Students can apply for a 2nd oral exam if the 1st result is failure or an unsatisfactory mark.

The (individual) assignment discussion and the oral exam will use the Zoom application and will be recorded (only to allow future reviews by teachers and the recorded student). During this “Zoom meeting”, the student must have his PC webcam always turned on and to show an identification document with photo.