Breve Introdução

Erasmus short-term blended mobility program

(Advanced course - prepared in the scope of LEAF mission and vision)

Language: the course will be taught in English

Applications: deadline 25th May 2022

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Documents to submit with the application:

- Identity document (copy)
- Short biography
- Certificate of qualifications

Selection Criteria:

Preference order: Nürtingen-Geislingen University students, ISA students

Number of students: Maximum of 40 participants

More information:

Relações Internacionais/Divisão Académica
Tel: +351 21 365 34 01
Fax: +351 21 365 31 95


Coordinator: Selma B. Pena and Pedro Arsénio, from Green & Blue Infrastrutures Thematic Line from LEAF (ISA) and DRAT



The aim is to pre-inform the students about frame conditions of landscape transformation and conservation in Portugal at several scales of Landscape Planning. This knowledge helps to comprehend the on-site experience during the visit in May/June.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this Erasmus short-term blended mobility course the student will be able to:
- Understand the impacts of landscape transformation
- Understand the importance of planning with green infrastructure
- Understand the pressures that are occurring in the landscape
- Understand compensation methods (ex.: eco account)



Landscape Architect students from Nürtingen-Geislingen University (with Professor Christian Küpfer). ISA students can also attend.

Evaluation and certificates:


Students will have access to a participation certificate if they attend all components.

Regime de Funcionamento

Time-schedule: Wednesday from 9h30 – 17h; Thursday from 9h30 – 18h30; Friday from 9h30 – 18h30


Contact hours: 22 h (oral lectures and field trip)
Total hours: 22 h

Credits: 3 credits ECTS

Several topics will be addressed in the seminar and on the field trip.

In the seminar (June, 1) the topics will be:

a)    Planning green infrastructure from national to local scales
b)    Transforming rural landscape in a context of fire risk
c)    Landscape planning in Portugal – lessons from the past to change the future
d)    South German landscapes
e)    The eco account experience from Germany.
f)    Restoring river landscapes
g)    Planning in urban landscapes

In this seminar the presenters will be: Prof. Manuela Magalhães (LEAF), PhD Natália Cunha (LEAF), PhD Selma Pena (LEAF), Prof. Pedro Arsénio (LEAF), Prof. Christian Küpfer (Nürtingen), Gonçalo Duarte (CEF) and Teresa Alfaiate (DRAT, to confirm).
Throughout the field trip (June, 2 and June, 3) an environment will be promoted for discussion with students about the changes in the landscape. The visit will be guided by Prof. Pedro Arsénio. The destination is the Serra d'Aire, a Natura 2000 protected area. The landscape transformation and conservation will be discussed in several planned stops:

First day:

Stop 1: Salinas de Rio Maior - explanation about why there is a salina 20 km from the coastline
Stop 2: Praia Fluvial dos Olhos de Água de Alcanena (Centro Ciência Viva do Alviela) - karst geomorphology, natural and seminatural vegetation
Stop 3: Photovoltaic Central and Wind Farm North of Minde - Energy and landscape transformation
Stop 4: Pousada de Juventude de Alvados

Second day

Stop 5: Alto da Fórnea (a Praia Jurássica de São Bento) – Costal geomorphology: landscape potentialities and pressures
Stop 6: Estrada Romana de Alqueidão da Serra – Historical landscapes
Stop 7: Pia do Urso – the eco-parks


Registration cost: no registration costs

IMPORTANT: All expenses concerning travel, accommodation, meals and others, will be borne by the students


Selma Beatriz de Almeida Nunes da Pena Baldaia