New edition of the course: March 7 to April 5, 2022

23 Novembro 2021, 18:14 Manuel Lameiras de Figueiredo Campagnolo

Inscriptions should be available on Fenix soon

Presentation session, May 28, 2021, at 6 pm

27 Maio 2021, 10:40 Manuel Lameiras de Figueiredo Campagnolo

The link for the sessions is

Software: 1) Uninstall all versions of QGIS, including OSGeo4W (see ; 2) download the most recent version of QGIS from For Windows, choose the OSGeo4W Network Installer version (typically 64 bits). The development environment for Python will be the QGIS Python editor, integrated in QGIS. Therefore, no other software is needed.

(June 8, 2021) Suggestion of exercise: open "" and adapt it to include one additional class in the legend.

(June 4, 2021) Suggestion of exercise to do before next session: adapt "" to create script that divides "rede primária fundamental de gestão de combustíveis/PPSM" (RPFGC-PPSM) in three parts instead of two, using two buffer distances d1 and d2. 

The course is going to start on May 31, 2021, at 6pm, but there is an optional presentation session on May 28, at 6pm. In particular, the instalation of software will be reviewed, so attendees can be ready on the 31st to start working on the topics of the course.

Sessions: Presentation: May 28, 18h Session 1: Monday, May 31, 18h-20h Session 2: Wednesday, June 2, 18h-20h Session 3: Monday, June 7, 18h-20h Session 4: Wednesday, June 9, 18h-20h Session 5: Monday, June 14, 18h-20h Session 6: Wednesday, June 16, 18h-20h Session 7: Monday, June 21, 18h-20h Session 8: Wednesday, June 23, 18h-20h Session 9: Monday, June 28, 18h-20h Session 10: Wednesday, June 30, 18h-20h