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3rd date - June 20, 3pm, classroom 33 (main building, 1st floor)

7 Junho 2022, 15:40 Maria da Graça Corte-Real Mira da Silva Abrantes

Students who wish to make a grade improvement must apply directly to the Academic Office and follow the respective administrative procedure. Only those students indicated to us by the Academic Office can be admitted to the exam for grade improvement.

You may contact the Academic services directly (main building, ground floor next to the main door) or via dacademica@isa.ulisboa.pt.
Please let us know if you have problems on this contact.

2nd exam - results

7 Junho 2022, 15:33

2nd exam date

2 Junho 2022, 23:19

1st exam - results

2 Junho 2022, 23:04

1st exam date

28 Maio 2022, 13:12

Corpo Docente

Maria da Graça Corte-Real Mira da Silva Abrantes



Rui Paulo Nóbrega Figueira