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Luís Goulão welcomes PhD students interested in:

  • Food security measurement and policy evaluation
  • Transitions in farming/agroforestry systems and sustainable intensification
  • Interventions in agri-food “Value Chains for Development”; development of pro-poor smallholder value chains
  • The nutrition transition; food systems transformation
  • Nutrition-sensitive tropical agriculture
  • Development and the future of European Union – African Union S&T&I cooperation in Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture



  • Inês Neto Cabrita e Gil Saraiva. «Food or not food, that is the question». Conceptualizing a triple-win action as a response to the Global Syndemic of obesity, undernutrition and climate change.” (with Maria João Estorninho, FD-ULisboa and Pedro Graça, FCNAUP) – PhD in Sustainability Science
  • João Luis Lopes Barroso. “In Vino Solutio: How the wine industry sustainability approach can be applied to other agro-industries.(with Luís Moreno, IGOT-ULisboa and Åke Thidell, Lund University) – PhD in Sustainability Science
  • Matilda Merkohasanaj. ”Mangrove solis' fertility and toxicity: understanding the challenge for rice production in Guinea Bissau" (with Nuno Cortez, ISA-ULisboa) – PhD in Environmental Engineering
  • Merlin Leunda Martiarena. Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) to improve mangrove agricultural production and ecosystem services in Guinea-Bissau.” (with Marina Temudo, ISA-ULisboa) – PhD in Environmental Engineering
  • Muminatu Jaló. “Socioeconomical dimension of food security in a climate change context for West Africa: a stochastic model for sustainable policies’ scenarios analysis and forecast.(with Paulo Morgado, IGOT-ULisboa) – PhD in Sustainability Science
  • Patrícia Mónica Guilherme Tavares Inácio. "Examining the EU CAP transfer to domestic reality from a sustainability viewpoint: policy innovation or lost opportunity?" (with João Mourato, ICS-ULisboa and Rui Santos, FCT-UNL) – PhD in Sustainability Science
  • Raphael Riemke de Campos Cesar Leao. Rural Development Projects in Latin America: understanding the critical factors for sustained impact.” – PhD in Development Studies
  • Viriato Sílvio Isac Cossa. Adapting to socio-environmental change: participatory development of mangrove rice production techniques in Guinea-Bissau” (with Paul Struik, WUR) – Wageningen University PhD Programme


  • Filipa da Palma Pereira Zacarias. Impact of local land and territory use on the dynamics of vegetation cover of a Forest Reserve.” (with Marina Temudo, ISA-ULisboa) – PhD in Forestry Engineering and Natural Resources
  • Helena Ferreira Lopes da Silva Santos. Remodelling of grape cell wall upon infection with biotrophic and necrotrophic pathogens.” – PhD in Biology
  • Manuel Eduardo Trujillo. “(TBC)” – PhD in Development Studies
  • Marta Potenza. "Ferias francas, food sovereignty and social justice in Argentina: an Epistemology of the South approach." (with Margarida Queirós, IGOT-ULisboa) - PhD in Development Studies


  • 2016 - Sara Nobre Gonçalves Domingos. Flower abscission and fruit set on table grapes (Vitis vinifera L.): Unraveling physiological and molecular mechanisms.” (with Cristina Oliveira, ISA-ULisboa) – PhD in Agronomic Engineering
  • 2015 - João Carlos Martins Fernandes. Mineral stress response of Vitis cell wall transcriptome: Identification, characterization and expression of genes from key families involved in wall biosynthesis and modification.” (with Sara Amâncio, ISA-ULisboa) – PhD in Agronomic Engineering