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Curriculum vitae (Link)

  • Full_CV_Sept2020 (CV_Cientific_JoanaAmaralPaulo_September2020_NewFormat.pdf, 1,2MB)

Full CV (Link)

Below you can find the main publications of my CV. The full CV can be downloaded in the attached file.


ISI publications



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Other publications with referee

• Paulo, J. A., Tomé, M. 2014. Estimativa das produções de cortiça virgem resultantes de desbastes em montados de sobro em fase juvenil. Silvalusitana 22 (1): 29-42.

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Book edition and book chapters

  • Tomé, M., Sheppard, J., Alma, M. H., Carrasquinho, I., Christensen, C. J., Hellström, J., Kurttila, M., Marnila, P., Mattila, P., Miina, J., Mutke, S., Paulo, J. A., Palma, J. H., Pihlava, J., Pignatti, G., Sanchéz-González, M., Silva, C. S., Soares, P., Vanhanen, H. Non-wood tree products in Europe. In: Harald Vacik, Mike Hale, Heinrich Spiecker, Davide Pettenella & Margarida Tomé (Eds.) 2020: Non-Wood Forest Products in Europe, Ecology and management of mushrooms, tree products, understory plants and animal products, Outcomes of the COST Action FP1203 on European NWFPs, BoD, Norderstedt, ISBN: 978-3-7494-7546-9, 416p.


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